Joe Biden wants $ 2 trillion in coronavirus aid


The elected US President Joe Biden wants to significantly increase the government’s corona aid. This was announced by his advisors in Congress. Among other things, there should be direct payments to families.

According to a report, the designated US President Joe Biden wants to use trillions in the fight against the economic consequences of the Corona crisis. Biden advisors had told members of Congress that they could expect measures worth around two trillion US dollars, the news channel CNN reported on Thursday night. The broadcaster relied on two sources, not named, who were familiar with the matter. Biden will announce the details of the plan on Thursday, it said.

CNN reports that Joe Biden’s plan calls for substantial direct payments to families. The state measures should therefore also provide money for authorities for the distribution of corona vaccines.

At the end of December, Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress agreed on a corona stimulus package after months of dispute. The pact is worth around $ 900 billion. It should help financially struggling citizens, give impetus to the troubled economy and provide money for the fight against the coronavirus.

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