Joe Biden wants to appoint ex-Vice Secretary of State Burns to head the CIA


Under US President Barack Obama, William Burns was US Vice Secretary of State. He is also expected to occupy an important position in Joe Biden’s future US administration – Burns will be head of the CIA.

Future US President Joe Biden wants to make former career diplomat William Burns head of the CIA’s foreign intelligence service. Burns, who was US Vice Secretary of State under former President Barack Obama, shares his view that the secret services should be apolitical, Biden said in a statement on Monday.

Worked for Democrats and Republicans

Burns has the experience and skill to pool efforts from across government and around the world. In this way, he could ensure that the CIA was able to protect the American people – regardless of “whether it is about cyber attacks from Moscow, the challenge from China or the threat from terrorists and other non-state actors,” it said.

Biden stressed that his candidate has worked for both Democratic and Republican governments. If approved by the Senate, Burns would succeed the current CIA chief Gina Haspel, who was appointed by incumbent Donald Trump in 2018.

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