Joe Joyce doesn’t feel old and promises to scalp Dubois


British heavyweight contender Joe Joyce disagrees with those who argue that the fight against Daniel Dubois is key to his career, given that this year’s Olympic silver medalist turns 35 this year.

“I don’t feel that old because I started in boxing at the same age as he is now, which is 23,” Joyce retorted. – “I haven’t been in this sport for that long, and therefore I still have several years ahead of me.

But, yes, this is a big fight, and a direct staircase to the top of the division, or some kind of “snake”, where you have to rebuild yourself again. So the loser will have to work a little to rebuild the lost, and in this regard, Daniel has much more time, because he is young, and will certainly be able to return.

I could do it too, but I don’t plan to do that. This is my chance to show what I am made of and progress to the next level to get a fight for the world title.

This is the path I follow. My goal was to get to the Olympics and win a medal, and I achieved this, although initially I tried to win gold, but this did not happen. In professional boxing, I dream of becoming a world champion, and Dubois is standing in my way to that goal now. ”

According to Joyce, he does not feel any pressure on himself, because bookmakers and most boxing fans do not believe in his victory in this fight, preferring Dubois.

“I don’t feel any pressure because – according to the bookmakers – Daniel has already won the fight. my service when I take his scalp and move on. “

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