Joe Joyce explained why he believes in his victory over Usyk


Potential WBO interim heavyweight champion Joe Joyce believes that the pro boxing fight, experience gained and excellent training camp will be key to his success in rematch with Alexander Usik, whom he lost in 2013 by a decision in semi-professional league WSB.

“I always say that I catch krinzh when I review the fight with Usyk. However, it was a good, exciting fight, we made a series of exchanges. The fight turned out to be quite close. It lasted all five rounds, and they were all filled with action. Now we can fight 12 rounds.

Why do I believe in victory over Usyk? Because he will have to deal with me for 12 rounds, not 5. And we will fight with professional gloves. Of course, the skills I have acquired along the way will pay dividends for me too. I will have the best camp, I will spar with lefties, so I will be ready, “Joe Joyce said in an interview with YouTube channel iFL TV.

As a reminder, Joyce also said that his second fight with Usik would be better than the first.

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