Joe Joyce: “I Will Make Daniel Dubois Respect Elders”


British heavyweight boxer Joe Joyce will fight his compatriot Daniel Dubois this weekend. Despite the fact that Joyce is an outsider before this fight, he is confident and promises to brilliantly defeat his opponent.

“The bookmakers have put Daniel in an advantageous position, so he has to act. I’m an outsider and I’m just going to kill him. I don’t care if people have written me off or not. My amateur experience matters. I was there and passed many tests. There can be no questions about my abilities and achievements. Dubois did nothing while he was an amateur and also did not achieve anything as a professional. I did more in fewer fights than he did.

I passed the test and am now ready to compete for the world title. I saw Daniel knock out his opponents, but do you think I would not knock out these guys? I have strength in both hands and a stone chin. Plus I’m tough and willing to go twelve rounds if need be. If I see an oversight in his defense, I will beat him until he falls. A lot of trouble awaits him. I have nothing more to say than to respect elders, and I will make him do it, ”Joyce said.

Recall that the fight between Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce will take place on November 28th at the Church House arena in London, UK.

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