Jose Carlos Ramirez: “I smile when I see comments that I will lose”


José Carlos Ramirez, 28-year-old double-edged world champion José Carlos Ramirez, believes people still underestimate him if they believe he is not the favorite in the upcoming fight against Josh Taylor. According to Ramirez, the dedication with which he trains, as well as his boxing skills, will allow him to win and become the undisputed world champion in this weight category.

“I don’t even know how much my life will change if I win. Sometimes for a short time I can imagine the taste of victory, but then I return to reality and say to myself: “You know, it’s too early. You have to live day after day and work hard. ” I can’t imagine my life after this fight. The only thing I am focused on is the period of time from now until the fight. “

“I am motivated and very inspired, but at the same time collected and calm. I am focused on what I have to do on my part. The fight itself is still far ahead, so I just go through day after day, forcing myself to give all the best in training. “

“From time to time I go to social networks and see comments. One cannot completely isolate oneself from this. People write that our chances are 50-50. Then I smile and go offline, relax and focus. I am very confident in myself. I feel that people still don’t know a lot about me. When I hit the bag, when I hit the paws, when I spar, I always find a way to control the situation. You will not understand how good I am as a fighter until you are in front of me. “

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