Joseph Parker controversially defeated Derek Chisora ​​in a highly competitive duel

Joseph Parker controversially defeated Derek Chisora ​​in a highly competitive duel

The main event of the big evening of boxing from the promotion company Matchroom Boxing has just ended at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, in which a duel took place between former heavyweight title contender Derek Chisora ​​and former WBO belt holder Joseph Parker.

The fight did not have time to begin, as Chisora ​​knocked down, filling Parker with a sweeping overhand. The New Zealander quickly recovered, circling the ring and working in series from a long distance. Derek walked forward as usual and threw bombs, after which he entered the clinch, where the boxers began to exchange short hooks.

By the middle of the fight, Chisora ​​focused on body punches, making Parker gasp for breath. The ex-champion was uncomfortable with the constant pressure of the opponent. Trying to drive away the British with a jab, Parker each time found himself with his back on the ropes, where he continued to eat badipanchi.

In the 8th round, Parker, taking advantage of the speed advantage, managed to convey several accurate combinations. Whereas Chisora ​​got hooked noticeably, starting to throw fewer punches. Toward the end of the fight, both fighters had successful moments, demonstrating a very equal fight inside the ring, but in the final segment Chisora ​​looked much better, interrupting Parker with significant punches.

Result: Joseph Parker wins Derek Chisora ​​via split decision (116-111, 115-113, 113-115)

Video of the fight Joseph Parker vs. Derek Chisora

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