Joseph Parker vs. Junior Fa fight canceled

Joseph Parker vs. Junior Fa fight canceled

According to Newshub, the fight between New Zealand heavyweights Joseph Parker and Junior Fa, which was scheduled to take place on December 12 at the Spark Arena in Oakland, has been postponed. The reason for canceling the duel was the Fa. The soldier has an operation to take place on Tuesday.

According to the source, the boxing teams have already begun to negotiate a new date for the fight. According to preliminary data, the battle will take place in March. It is also reported that the Fa will need at least four weeks to recover after surgery and will not be able to exercise until January.

Recall that Parker is the former WBO World Heavyweight Champion. New Zealander Lost his title in March 2018 to Briton Anthony Josh. After that, he spent four fights, in one he was defeated, and in the last three he won.

Fa, on the other hand, had nineteen fights and did not yet know the bitterness of defeat in the professional ring, but Joseph was to be the first serious test of his career.

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