Josh Duhamel replaces disgraced Armie Hammer in Shotgun Wedding

Josh Duhamel replaces disgraced Armie Hammer in Shotgun Wedding

The producers supported the actor in his decision to leave the project.

The film “Speedy Wedding” is planned to start shooting at the end of February. According to the original idea, the main role in it was supposed to be played by Armie Hammer, but now it became known that Josh Duhamel will replace him on the set.

Recall that the romantic comedy is being produced by Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Reynolds. The film will tell about a couple in love who decided to tie the knot, but at the same time hold the ceremony in some exotic place. They go to the islands, where all their guests become hostages of bandits. Saving their loved ones, the bride and groom re-experience vivid feelings, remembering why they really love each other.

Armie Hammer dropped out of the project after he was hit by a wave of hate over a cannibal scandal. A correspondence appeared on the network, in which the actor allegedly admits that he dreams of eating his girlfriend’s ribs and drinking her blood. Hammer himself noted that this is “complete nonsense.”

“I am not responding to these delusional statements, but in light of the vicious and false attacks on the Internet on me, I cannot with a clear conscience leave my children for 4 months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic,” Armie said earlier in an interview with People magazine.

The film crew reacted to this decision with understanding and supported Hammer. The new lead actor, 48-year-old Josh Duhamel, is well known to viewers from the films “Transformers”, “Once Upon a Time in Rome”, “Safe Harbor” and others.

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