Joshua Jackson’s wife keeps a plaster cast of a “pregnant” belly


Celebrities became parents a little less than a year ago.

Actress Jodie Turner-Smith, wife of actor Joshua Jackson, revealed that she keeps a plaster cast of her pregnant belly. The celebrity posted the corresponding pictures in the stories of her Instagram page.

So, in several pictures, the artist poses during the making of the cast, and then she shows part of it in the photo and video right now. The artist did not show exactly how she stores and uses the plaster figure of her body.

Recall that Jodie Turner-Smith gave birth to their common daughter with actor Joshua Jackson on April 21, 2020. According to the actress, it was very difficult for her to give birth to her daughter, which took place at her home in Los Angeles. In a number of interviews, she also noted that raising a child during the coronavirus period was not the easiest test.

“Parenting at any time is difficult, and even more difficult without support, when everything is off, and you cannot see other people or you cannot go anywhere,” said Turner-Smith.

The actress made her screen debut in 2013, starring in the TV series True Blood. After that, Turner-Smith was invited to the TV series “Reservoir Dogs”, and her first film role was the thriller “The Neon Demon”, after which her career began to develop rapidly. So, one of Turner-Smith’s upcoming projects is the drama Queen and Slim, where her colleague is the star of Get Out and Black Panther Daniel Kaluuya.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Andrey Chapygin

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