Judge blocks an almost complete ban on abortion

Judge blocks an almost complete ban on abortion

Actually, the Arkansas law prohibiting abortion even after rape or incest should go into effect by the end of July. A court has now prevented that for the time being.

A US court has blocked an almost complete ban on abortion in the state of Arkansas. A corresponding law should actually come into force on July 28th – a court issued an injunction against it.

With the law women would be “exposed to an immediate threat to their constitutional rights,” wrote the judge in her reasoning.

Conservative Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a controversial law in March that bans abortion even after rape or incest. The only exceptions are when it comes to saving the mother’s life in a medical emergency.

“Today’s court decision should serve as a strong warning to anti-abortion opponents in Arkansas and other states that they cannot deprive people of the right to make deeply personal choices about whether to have an abortion or continue a pregnancy,” one responded According to a statement, Meagan Burrows of the civil rights organization ACLU, which had opposed the law with other organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

The dispute ends up in the Supreme Court

Many people in the US are now looking to the country’s Supreme Court. He wants to review a law from the state of Mississippi that bans almost all abortions from the 15th week of pregnancy. A decision is expected in the coming spring. Should the court find the law in Mississippi to be constitutional, this should have fundamental consequences for pregnant women in the USA. So far, a landmark judgment of the Supreme Court from 1973, known by the acronym “Roe v. Wade”, legalized abortions.

With its decisions on particularly controversial issues such as abortion, immigration or same-sex marriages, the Supreme Court repeatedly sets the course for US society. In October, then US President Donald Trump appointed the staunch Catholic Amy Coney Barrett as a judge for life. This enabled him to expand the conservative majority in the Supreme Court to six of the nine seats.

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