“Just the Tip of the Iceberg”: Hundreds of Charges Following Capitol Storm


“Just the tip of the iceberg”
Hundreds of charges after the Capitol Storm

After storming the Capitol, the US Department of Justice opens investigations into more than 170 people. So far, the allegations range from trespassing to conspiracy and riot. But according to the prosecutor, that’s just the beginning.

Just a week after the storm on the Capitol in Washington, prosecutors assume that “hundreds” of suspected perpetrators will soon be charged. In some cases, federal riot and conspiracy charges would also be examined, which could result in up to 20 years in prison, said prosecutor Michael Sherwin. “The Capitol grounds outside and inside are a crime scene,” said Sherwin. So far, investigation files have already been created on 170 suspects, and charges have been brought in 70 cases.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” said assistant chief of the FBI’s Washington office, Steven D’Antuono. “We will turn every stone,” he promised. Some cases that had received widespread public attention, such as that of the man who posed at Nancy Pelosi’s desk, were almost harmless compared to other criminal behavior, Sherwin explained. There is “shocking” information that is not yet public.

Allegations against the FBI

Supporters of the outgoing US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol last Wednesday during a session of Congress. Parliament’s security forces appeared unprepared and were not up to the onslaught. In the meantime, among other things, the Federal Police FBI has come under fire because the authority is said to have failed to sound the alarm sufficiently before the announced protest.

A report by the Washington Post on Tuesday raised the question of whether the FBI’s internal warnings about violence in Washington had remained without consequences. A day before the Capitol was stormed, an FBI office in the state of Virginia warned that extremists for violence and “war” wanted to travel to Washington, the newspaper reported, citing the internal document.

It cited an online post that said, among other things, that Congress had to hear how glass was broken, doors kicked and blood shed. When asked, D’Antuono said the FBI had shared the information “with all partners in the security forces” but did not provide any further details.

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