Kanye West sues supermarket over sneakers

Kanye West sues supermarket over sneakers

The rapper is outraged that Walmart is selling counterfeits to his line of shoes.

Kanye West has filed a lawsuit against retail giant Walmart. The rapper has accused the network of selling fake shoes for his line of foam sneakers.

The first batch of strange shoes from the Yeezy company immediately succumbed to criticism, but sold out in a matter of days. I must say that sneakers belong to the luxury category and are expensive, while Walmart sells fakes at a very affordable price.

The lawsuit states that West’s company is suffering huge financial losses due to low-quality shoes that the network sells on its website.

Spotlight again: Kanye West sues supermarket over sneakers

Also, representatives of Yeezy are concerned that counterfeits are almost indistinguishable from the original, which seriously damages the company’s reputation.

Kanye’s lawyers have demanded on several occasions that Walmart remove counterfeits from its website, but the requests were ignored. The lawsuit cites customer complaints that fake shoes are uncomfortable and tear quickly.

Representatives of the retail giant said they are ready to answer in court.

“The product mentioned in the complaint is not sold by Walmart, but by third-party Marketplace vendors. We take these claims seriously and are considering them. We will answer in court as necessary after the complaint has been served to us, ”the network said.

Spotlight again: Kanye West sues supermarket over sneakers

Kanye West’s life has made it onto the front pages of the tabloids over the last couple of years. A high-profile divorce from Kim Kardashian was discussed by all the world’s media. And recently, the rapper’s relationship with model Irina Shayk became the reason for close attention to West’s personal life.

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