Kardashian caught on a ridiculous photoshop

Kardashian caught on a ridiculous photoshop

The model has repeatedly become a participant in scandals with her own pictures.

Kim Kardashian, who is at the stage of divorce from Kanye West, is once again embarrassed with photoshop. This time, the model and the businesswoman showed the public indecently long fingers during the shooting of the next commercial.

Until recently, the public was sure that Kardashian on Instagram is practically no different from himself in life. In the pictures, Kim always looked perfect, which caused the envy of “earthly” women. However, the other day, the media flew around frames in which the fingers on Kardashian’s hands turned into pencils: they looked unnaturally long and bent in the wrong places.

This fact became the reason for the public condemnation of the Kardashians.

Kardashian caught on a ridiculous photoshop

“That’s why you shouldn’t compare yourself with the icons of show business”, “Her finger just floated away”, “Kim, what didn’t we see there? It’s high time to show the real version of yourself “,” How can you be so notorious? “,” It’s just ridiculous that after so many operations she continues to photoshop herself, “they wrote on the Web.

Photo source: Legion-media

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