Karlie Kloss has horrified fans with “vulgar” behavior

Karlie Kloss has horrified fans with “vulgar” behavior

The 28-year-old model recently became a mother for the first time.

28-year-old model Karlie Kloss shocked the audience by performing a “vulgar” act right on the social scene. On the eve of the spectacular blonde for the first time appeared in the botanical garden of New York. Especially for this event, Kloss chose trousers with a high waist to the figure, as well as a translucent corset.

However, the star did not sparkle as a reference figure for long: after a few hours, Karlie Kloss was caught at an intimate event: the model was pumping milk with the windows of her car open and people passing by. Later, the celebrity, without shame, released pictures of the process on his personal page on Instagram as reporting.

“This is such a bizarre evening in the botanical garden,” she signed the pictures.

Needless to say, not everyone appreciated the frankness of the young mother?

Expressing milk in front of strangers: Karlie Kloss horrified fans with

“It’s gone, vulgar, and simply lack of culture”, “Why not prepare everything you need for the child in advance?”, “I have no words how disgusting it is,” some wrote.

Others were quick to praise the star for her courage.

“Hot mommy”, “As if she didn’t give birth”, “Mom of the year, no less”, “This is the mother’s duty,” the commentators echoed to each other.

Photo source: Legion-media

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