Kate Beckinsale sparks controversy on the web with a kangaroo in a diaper


The actress showed off the weekend she spent in the company of a kangaroo.

Pearl Harbor star Kate Beckinsale recently shared a video of posing alongside kangaroos and other Australian wildlife at her home in Canada. These videos have caused a heated discussion among web users.

The 47-year-old star posted several videos on her personal blog that she made during the long Easter weekend. Beckinsale put on a charming headband with pink bunny ears and posed with three kangaroos. She fed the animals from her hands, and the smallest kangaroo lay in the arms of the actress. In one of the clips, a small kangaroo jumps on a wooden floor in a diaper. “The symbol of Easter – the Easter bunny – is somewhat different in Canada,” the celebrity humorously signed the publication.

As a rule, Canadians are allowed to keep kangaroos as pets, however, the rules regarding the ownership of these animals differ in different provinces.

Despite the fact that the animals looked quite healthy and well-groomed, some fans of the actress considered it wrong to keep the animal inside the house. “I’m pretty sure that under Australian law you cannot export them privately.” “It’s frustrating to see our local fauna being treated like a toy. Wearing a diaper is also bad “,” I am very upset that such animals are considered pets, “netizens wondered.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Olga Chechevatova

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