Kate Mara talks about cameo in Iron Man 2

Kate Mara talks about cameo in Iron Man 2

A small role could turn into something more.

In early November, Hulu launched the mini-series “Teacher”, in which 37-year-old Kate Mara played the main role. In honor of the premiere, she became a guest of the Collide Ladies Night show, where she not only spoke in detail about the new project, but also touched upon her old works in film and television. So, for example, Kate mentioned a small role that she got in the fantastic action movie “Iron Man 2”. According to the actress, the creators of the picture hinted to her that in the future the cameo could turn into a full-fledged role.

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“They said to me: ‘It’s a very, very small role, but you will work with Robert Downey Jr. and John Favreau, it will be cool. And characters like yours often come back in later films in more significant roles. ” It was not a promise, but it was definitely hinted to me, ”said Kate.

However, in the case of her heroine, Federal Marshal Bethany Cabe, it didn’t work. “That was the end, it was funny, but nothing more. I remember that the shooting lasted until four in the morning. It was a strange cameo that, in fact, turned out to be nothing for me. But I have no regrets! ” – said the actress in an interview. Of course, Kate’s fans were upset that her participation in one of the largest film franchises was limited to a cameo role, but now they can enjoy her work in The Teacher. Recall that four episodes of the show have already been released out of ten announced.

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