Kate Middleton is preparing to replace Harry at the opening of the monument to Diana

Kate Middleton is preparing to replace Harry at the opening of the monument to Diana

A solemn event, important for both brothers, will take place in July.

Prince Harry’s behavior has once again angered Internet users around the world. On Saturday, June 5, information appeared in the press that the wife of Prince William Kate Middleton could replace the Duke of Sussex at the opening of the monument to Princess Diana.

The festive event is scheduled for early July. It was originally planned that both brothers will come to him, but Harry is expecting the birth of his second child from Megan. Now the American is in the last months of pregnancy, so labor can begin at any time. Given the not always optimal state of the celebrity? the presence of her husband would not have been superfluous for Megan.

Royal expert Russell Myers, in a conversation with reporters, said that William would not want to open the statue of Diana alone, so we should expect Kate Middleton to keep him company.

“I have serious doubts whether he will come at all, because he and Megan are expecting the birth of their second child. Maybe Keith will come to the fore so that William doesn’t do it alone, ”Myers shared on the Pod Save the Queen podcast.

The haters of the spouses hastened to consider the fact of replacement as a fait accompli and shamed Harry.

“Complete disrespect for his mother,” “Let him now only dare to say something in defiance of his family,” “But how many words there were about his mother, how much he loved her,” they scatter.

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