Kate Moss made a friend a test subject, mastering a new profession

Kate Moss made a friend a test subject, mastering a new profession

A celebrity is learning how to get a tattoo, with the help of tattoo artist Daniel Cason.

47-year-old supermodel Kate Moss has decided to become a tattoo artist. She has already taken her first lessons from her friend, the famous London tattoo artist Daniel Cason. Moreover, Cason allowed the model to practice on it. As a result, he now has an “autograph” of Kate Moss on his skin.

As Cason admitted, as a test subject, he had a hard time.

“She wrote ‘Kate’ on my arm and tattooed my heart. It was very painful, since it was the first time she was holding an instrument in her hands. She planted the needle too deep. But I endured, this is Kate Moss, ”the Sunday Mirror quotes him.

The first experience inspired the model, and she decided to upgrade in this business to participate in the tattoo artists section at the Glastonbury festival. She will have time for this – the next festival will take place only in 2022. It, like many other mass events, was postponed due to the pandemic.

Note that Kate herself has seven tattoos, among them there is an anchor, a heart and swallows.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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