Kate Winslet creatively supported her colleague on the set of the bed scene


The actress stayed on the set when her on-screen “daughter” was very nervous about the intimate scene.

The other day, Kate Winslet talked to the host of the podcast How I Found My Voice and talked a little about the filming of the new mini-series “The Mare of Easttown”.

Kate mentioned an intimate scene involving 20-year-old Angauri Rice, her on-screen “daughter”, and noted that this moment was not easy for the young actress. As Winslet explained, it is common for a spicy scene to be shot with a dedicated coordinator to help the actors. But that time the actors didn’t have to undress, so the coordinator was not called.

“I realized that Engauri was very nervous. And she said to her: “Then I will stay with you, I will not leave the shooting.” She replied, “Thank goodness Kate, thank you so much.” And I had to sit in the car. More precisely, in the trunk of a car. I knew that guys needed someone who could ask, ‘Is everyone okay?’ Because sometimes even directors find it uncomfortable to communicate with actors during intimate scenes, even if they are just kissing, ”Winslet said.

In Easttown’s Mare, Kate plays a police detective investigating a brutal murder in Pennsylvania. The series is due out this year.

Speaking of intimate scenes, Winslet also noted that she and Saoirse Ronan did not have a coordinator for the 2020 film Ammonite either. “Probably because we filmed in 2019, and then the intimate scene coordinators were not very popular and their presence was not a prerequisite for filming.”

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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