Keith Thurman: “If you have three titles, then you are the undisputed champion”

Keith Thurman: “If you have three titles, then you are the undisputed champion”

Former world welterweight champion Keith Thurman believes that Errol Spence Jr. could very well become the undisputed world champion if Manny Pacquiao does return his WBA welterweight title, which he was deprived of due to the fact that that for a long time did not enter the ring. According to Thurman, the WBO title of Terence Crawford does not really play a big role, because for many decades, in order to be considered the undisputed champion, it was enough to have three world champion belts in the main versions.

“If I understand correctly, in order to be called the absolute world champion, you need to have only three belts. The WBO belt is not recognized by everyone. For example, when I was in Japan and spent time there with various promoters, I realized that they would not allow any of their boxers to fight for the WBO, only for the WBA or WBC. I don’t think even the IBF is listed in Japan. All this stems from the history of our sport. Initially there was one champion belt, then there were two, three, four…. Here’s Winky Wright. He had three champion titles and he was absolute. “

“WBA, WBC, IBF. These belts make you an absolute champion. You can bet that there is another undefeated champion in the division. Yes, not a bad argument, but I still stand my ground and say that if you have all three of these belts, you can be called the absolute champion. “

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