Keith Thurman: “In the fight with Spence, Danny Garcia was afraid to miss a blow”


After the world champion in two weight divisions Danny Garcia announced his move to the first middleweight division, he invited Keith Thurman to have a rematch, but within the framework of the new weight category. Keith agrees to this, however, doubts that simple weight gain will help solve one of the main problems of Danny Garcia – he does not modify from fight to fight and throws few punches.

“I watched Danny’s fight with Errol Spence. Danny didn’t strike until there were five seconds before the end of the twelfth round. Did you see that crazy exchange at the end? He thanked God for being carried away and he was not knocked out. He was very focused on defense. Garcia just wanted to be in the ring and do what he was capable of. As for me, he was a little timid. “

“I think when he fought me he was definitely in his best shape. I know why Garcia was scared. He always throws knockout punches, and Spence said, “You are not the only one who can do this. I also have a sweeping left hook. ” In the end, both of them avoided knocking out each other for the entire fight. We know that Spence is always a jab and, in the end, the simple fundamentals of boxing have allowed him to dominate Danny. “

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