Kell Brook’s coach analyzed his defeat to Terence Crawford

Kell Brook’s coach analyzed his defeat to Terence Crawford

Dominic Ingle, coach of the British ex-welterweight champion (up to 66.7 kg) Kell Brook (39-3-0, 27 KO), who was not present last Saturday in the USA in the fight with American Terence Crawford (37-0-0, 28 KO), spoke out about his defeat.

“By and large, he went out alone for this fight. For these kinds of confrontations, you need a good team. People are doing you a disservice when they cheer you up and call you a champion. It doesn’t solve anything at all.

Look at his fights against Errol Spence and Gennady Golovkin. Yes, he lost, but he looked competitive. Here he lasted only two rounds. He looked sharp until Terence got left-handed. Was Kell supposed to react like that? He fought a lot of lefties, Spence was one of the best and he was good at catching him.

If you watch the slow motion replay, you will see that he even blinked at that beat. [перед нокдауном]… He didn’t react to it. How often have you seen him fly off to the ropes like this? As you get older, the weight extractor gets harder, it takes water from your brain, and you can’t do anything about it. It is impossible to rehydrate in 30 hours at this age. That’s why it happened, ”Ingle said.

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