Kendall Jenner turned all of Mexico against herself

Kendall Jenner turned all of Mexico against herself

The model launched its own production of a world-famous drink.

25-year-old Kendall Jenner has drawn the ire of all of Mexico by announcing the creation of a new business. The American model decided to open her own tequila production, and Kendall is going to use her popularity to promote the business.

The fact that she has reached a new level, Jenner announced on her personal page on Instagram the other day. The American posted a photo in which she poses with a glass of alcoholic drink in a white top and wide-brimmed hat. To look more like a Mexican, Jenner threw a shirt with vertical stripes over her shoulders and braided her hair.

In the commentary, indigenous Mexicans immediately ran up and said: Jenner’s desire to make money at their shrine is so outrageous that they do not select censorship words. Some have even sunk into racism.

“You were probably joking like that? It is an insult. I don’t think real migrant workers will appreciate your appearance. ”“ As a Mexican, I ask all US citizens not to buy Kendall Jenner tequila, ”“ She took over our history. Listen to us Mexicans. This is our culture, and we do not want a white woman to benefit from it, ”they were indignant.

Jenner herself, apparently, does not intend to abandon the idea: she later published footage in which she examines in detail her possessions.

Photo source: Photo: Legion-media

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