Kill by Police Officer Chauvin: Up to 40 years imprisonment in the Floyd Trial

Kill by Police Officer Chauvin: Up to 40 years imprisonment in the Floyd Trial

Kill by police officers chauvin

Up to 40 years in the Floyd trial

Because the killing of the African American George Floyd by the white ex-police officer Derek Chauvin was “particularly cruel” last year, the judge in charge granted an application for a longer prison term. The maximum sentence could now mean 40 years in prison for Chauvin.

The white ex-police officer Derek Chauvin faces a particularly long prison sentence for killing the African American George Floyd last year in the US state of Minnesota. In a letter published on Wednesday, Judge Peter Cahill granted an application from the public prosecutor’s office, which had called for a longer prison term because of the gravity of the crime. Chauvin had abused his position as a police officer, failed to provide first aid and treated Floyd with “particular cruelty” in the presence of children, Cahill said.

Although Chauvin had no previous conviction, he could now face up to 40 years in prison. “It was especially cruel to slowly kill George Floyd by preventing his ability to breathe, when Mr. Floyd had already made it clear that he was having a hard time breathing,” wrote the judge. Kneeling on a suspect’s neck also violated Minneapolis police regulations. Chauvin turned down requests from passers-by and a colleague to help Floyd after he passed out. Chauvin’s act was also witnessed by four children, three 17-year-olds and one 9-year-old, the judge said.

The jury found Chauvin guilty of second-degree murder, among other things, at the end of April. Because Chauvin had no previous conviction, according to guidelines, he did not face the maximum sentence of 40 years, but rather a sentence of around 12.5 years. A longer sentence now seems likely. The sentence is scheduled to be pronounced on June 16. In the now unlikely event of a relatively short prison sentence for Chauvin, observers had expected new protests.

Three other ex-cops charged

Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020 during a police operation in Minneapolis had sparked demonstrations against racism and police violence in the United States. Videos document how the police pushed the unarmed man to the ground. Chauvin pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for a good nine minutes while Floyd pleaded to let him breathe. According to the autopsy, Floyd passed out and died. The officers arrested him on suspicion of paying with a fake $ 20 bill.

Chauvin had pleaded not guilty in court. His defense attorney argued that the use of force was justified because Floyd resisted arrest. He was also of the opinion that Floyd’s death was not primarily due to violence, but mainly to existing heart problems and drug residues in his blood. Public prosecutor’s office had clearly rejected this argument.

In addition to the most serious count, second degree murder, the jury found Chauvin guilty of third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. According to Minnesota law, however, experts say the sentence will only depend on the most serious charge. Independent of the Minnesota trial, Chauvin has also been indicted in federal court. The US Department of Justice said last week that the accused was accused of deliberately depriving Floyd of his constitutional rights.

In addition to Chauvin, three other ex-police officers involved in the operation against Floyd are also charged. You will be on trial in Minneapolis beginning August. They are charged with aid. They too could face long prison sentences.

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