Killed in explosion: FBI: Nashville bomber is dead


Killed in explosion
FBI: Nashville bomber is dead

The investigation is progressing after the explosion of a motor home in the US city of Nashville. Apparently the bomber was killed in the detonation. The FBI finds out from DNA samples. And: He should have acted alone ..

The perpetrator responsible for the explosion in Nashville on Christmas Day acted alone and was killed in the detonation. That said, representatives of the public prosecutor’s office and the Federal Police FBI. The perpetrator was identified on the basis of DNA samples, said the local FBI chief Douglas Korneski.

Investigators had found human tissue near the exploded caravan, which could be compared with other DNA samples after a search of his home. “We have come to the conclusion that a person named Anthony Warner was the bomber,” said prosecutor Donald Cochran. “He was there when the bomb detonated and he was killed in the explosion.”

The motive of the 63-year-old perpetrator initially remained unclear. Warner was previously not known to the police as a suspect, it said. The investigators have not yet given any information about the type of explosive used by the perpetrator.

Neighbors describe 63-year-olds as loners

The 63-year-old has already been reported extensively in the US media. According to the Washington Post, several neighbors said the man had a motor home like the one that exploded in Nashville. The vehicle had been standing in the courtyard of the house in the Antioch district for months.

Some neighbors described the man as a loner. “You never saw anyone come or go,” one of them told The Tennessean newspaper. The man himself never went anywhere either. “As far as we know, he was a computer freak who worked at home.” According to the local newspaper, the 63-year-old had an alarm system company in the 1990s.

The trailer exploded on Friday morning in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. There was great property damage, three people were injured. Before the explosion, a loudspeaker announcement from the trailer called for people to leave the area. Police officers who were there were able to bring residents to safety.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee called on the outgoing US President Donald Trump to declare a state of emergency in order to be able to provide federal funds quickly. Lee visited the explosion area on Saturday. The governor called for an examination of the partly historic buildings near the crime scene for their “structural integrity and safety”.

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