Kim Jong Un criticizes his own government


At a plenary session, North Korea’s rulers set out their vision for various political issues. In the economic plan, Kim Jong Un made allegations against his own cabinet.

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un has openly criticized his government. There is a lack of innovation and smart strategies in drawing up the new five-year plan for the economy, state media reported on Friday. Kim accused the cabinet of drafting programs that did not show any significant progress over previous projects.

“The plans did not accurately reflect the party’s ideology and guidelines and lacked innovative insights and clever strategies,” Kim said at the meeting, according to the KCNA news agency. The targets are set unrealistically high for some sectors. In other areas, however, goals have been set that are easy to achieve.

Slump in trade with China causes problems

Kim reportedly called for domestic production of goods and materials to be increased. The reason is likely to be the slump in trade with China, which slumped by around 80 percent last year due to corona restrictions.

The ruling Labor Party ended its four-day plenary session on Thursday, at which Kim also set out his vision for inter-Korean affairs and relations with other countries, as well as party rules and personnel issues.

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