Kim Kardashian was compared to a transvestite

Kim Kardashian was compared to a transvestite

Fans have recognized the efforts of Kardashian as an unsuccessful cosplay.

Kim reincarnated as a platinum blonde, which she immediately announced to her followers on Twitter. The new image of the star is a blonde wig with large curls, “flashy” evening makeup and lightened eyebrows.

Fans did not appreciate the transformation, because in the new image, Kim became very similar to Jeffrey Star, who could have become the reason for the divorce of Kardashian and West. Recall that in January 2021, some tabloids wrote that it was Kanye’s betrayal with Jeffrey Star that put an end to the marriage of the Kardashian West star couple.

Why cosplay a possible ex’s lover, users ask themselves, and ask Kim to regain her eyebrows and her previous hair color:

“Why do you look like Star?” Wrote one of the followers, “She turns into Jeffrey Star to return Kanye,” “Kim, you won’t return your husband,” said other subscribers of the star.

However, there were also those who believe that Kim is not imitating Old at all, but trying to be like Beyoncé or Lady Gaga, however, Kardashian fans do not like this either.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Victoria Frolenko

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