Kim’s sister insults South Korea’s president as a “parrot”


North Korea has been heavily criticized internationally for its missile tests. Now the sister of the ruler Kim strikes back: The “illogical and brazen behavior of South Korea” is the same as the position of the USA.

North Korea has called South Korean President Moon Jae In a “US-raised parrot” for criticizing the recent North Korean missile test. The influential sister of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Jong, accused Moon of being rude in a statement released by state media on Tuesday. The “illogical and brazen behavior of South Korea” resembles the position of the USA. North Korea had previously accused US President Joe Biden of provocation because of his condemnation of the missile test.

Since the test, concerns have grown in the region that tensions on the Korean peninsula will rise again. According to South Korea and Japan, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles towards the open sea on its east coast last Thursday. A day later, North Korea spoke of the successful testing of a new type of tactical guided missile that was used for self-defense.

Tests jeopardize resumption of the dialogue

Biden had condemned the test as a violation of UN resolutions prohibiting North Korea from testing ballistic missiles of any range. Depending on the design, such missiles can also carry a nuclear warhead. Moon had warned, alluding to the test, that actions that would stand in the way of resumption of the Pyongyang-Washington dialogue were “undesirable”.

Washington’s negotiations with Pyongyang over the North Korean nuclear weapons program are currently on hold. According to Washington, North Korea had not responded to attempts to contact the new US administration.

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