Kylie Jenner outraged fans with changes in her personal life

Kylie Jenner outraged fans with changes in her personal life

The model gave Travis Scott another chance.

Kylie Jenner outraged fans with changes in her personal life

23-year-old model Kylie Jenner again got along with the father of her daughter Stormy – rapper Travis Scott, which angered both fans and her friends. The relationship with the black musician fell apart after Scott was caught cheating several times by journalists.

For a long time, Travis defended his reputation, claiming that he was not in the pictures. The end point was the March betrayal, after which Jenner appeared at all social events alone.

Apparently, the businesswoman is going to step on the same rake: the couple’s friends told TMZ that the lovers decided to “reignite the flame of passion”, but used a new method for this – both Kylie and Travis want to preserve their freedom by choosing the format of informal relationships.

“Travis enjoyed his bachelor life, but at some point he realized that he wanted to be with Kylie and was ready to return the family. Both were ready to not be a full-fledged couple, ”says the insider.

Jenner’s fans urge her pet to come to her senses and pull herself together. Many are sure that another attempt will not be crowned with success and will bring only pain mixed with regrets.

“What’s in her head?”, “It’s not for nothing that they say:“ You cannot enter the same river twice ”. And here already 20 times “,” Such women do not respect themselves “,” She urgently needs a psychologist or someone who can popularly explain what is happening, “” He uses her, “they wrote in social networks.

Photo source: Photo: Legion-media

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