Lady Gaga with a “gag” in her mouth caused a stir

Lady Gaga with a “gag” in her mouth caused a stir

Increasingly, the singer publishes strange and candid photos.

Lady Gaga made the public seriously worried by posting a strange photo on her personal Instagram page. After revelations about the harassment of her own producer, the vocalist began to actively supply the audience with candid photos in a bikini.

It would seem that the public could have endured for several days, and the mood of the celebrity would have stabilized, but Gaga again published a strange picture – much more suspicious than before.

So, in the new photo, the singer appeared with bare shoulders in a gold dress with a spectacular decoration on her neck. In her mouth, Gaga was holding a large gem, which had already been nicknamed “the gag” in the comments. What exactly Bradley Cooper’s ex-passion wanted to say with this picture, the public did not understand, so they hurried to sound the alarm.

“Gaga, are you okay?”, “Does Mommy have a roof?”, “What I saw tormented me all night long”, “Is this a reference to 2012, or am I wrong?”, “Does she have the famous Audrey Hepburn diamond in her mouth?”, “Eider – Style: Night Mood”, “I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’ll ask – do you chew plastic diamonds? Or is it real? ” – they wondered.

It is noteworthy that not so long ago Gaga was touched by a large-scale scandal over the series “Friends”. The footage of the singer was cut from the broadcast for a Chinese audience, which angered viewers. Apparently, Gaga herself did not touch this story at all, since the singer did not comment on her.

Photo source: Legion-media

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