Lady Gaga without makeup went wild

Lady Gaga without makeup went wild

The singer is getting more and more outspoken day by day.

Singer Lady Gaga showed the whole world her breasts in a fresh photo and caused a controversial impression among her own fans. Recently, the celebrity’s condition has raised serious concerns. So, Gaga, who previously preferred to lead a slightly more chaste lifestyle, began to publish more and more “naked” pictures.

Recently, another photo appeared on the Web, in which the singer appeared completely without clothes, moreover, without makeup. In the frame, the star posed, covering her chest with her palm and not at all embarrassed that someone would see her in this state.

“Let your heart shine like the sun,” she wrote on the Web.

“She’s completely gone crazy”, “What is she doing, devil?”, “Soon we’ll see the bottom part too?” It’s impossible ”,“ I would have simply choked with bile in the place of all her exes, ”wrote those who were not indifferent.

Photo source: Legion-media

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