Lana Condor complained that her boyfriend forgot about Valentine’s Day


The actress explained why this happened.

The star of the painting “X-Men. Apocalypse “Lana Condor recently admitted that her lover, actor Anthony De La Torre, completely forgot that she needs to be congratulated on Valentine’s Day. However, the actress did not start a loud scandal, but simply reminded her lover about the upcoming holiday.

The 23-year-old celebrity confessed to host Jimmy Fallon during the Tonight Show that De La Torre had indeed forgotten about the romantic holiday. Lana Condor herself explained why this happened. According to the actress, recently her chosen one was busy with the upcoming premiere of the film “To All the Boys: With Love …”, in which Lana Condor plays the main role. The romantic story was slated for release on Friday, February 12th, so Valentine’s Day, which was supposed to pass two days later, flew out of his head. “The other day I told Anthony that I look like this:“ Hi, baby. As if it’s very cute. It’s like Valentine’s Day is coming soon. For example, this weekend, ”- said the actress.

According to her, Anthony De La Torre pretended to be surprised, and she realized that he had really forgotten about the holiday. Later, the chosen one of the actress published a romantic post on his Instagram account, where he confessed his feelings for Lana Condor, with whom, by the way, he has been in a relationship for more than five years. “Lana, you have never been as beautiful as you are now,” said De La Torre.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Olga Chechevatova

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