Last call before the Capitol storm: Trump’s donation emails are suddenly missing


Last call before Capitol Storm
Trump’s donation emails are suddenly missing

The US President’s team is said to have collected more than $ 200 million in donations after the election. It also relied on aggressive e-mails and SMS. Followers got several of them a day. But since the storm on the Capitol in Washington there has been a sudden radio silence.

The elected US President Donald Trump has not only fallen silent on Twitter – the aggressive e-mails and text messages from his election campaign team with appeals for donations are also missing. His team sent the last SMS so far at 1.30 p.m. on Wednesday, the last e-mail so far ten minutes later. The mail, with the subject line, “We have the truth,” said, “Today will be a historic day in our nation’s history. Congress will either approve or object to the election results. Every single patriot across the country must act now if we are to successfully defend the integrity of this choice. “

At the time of the broadcast, there was already clashes between Trump supporters and the police at the Capitol – where Congress had met to certify the results. Rioters then forcibly entered the Capitol. Five people were killed in the riot. Critics accuse Trump of inciting his supporters at a previous rally.

Republican Trump continued to solicit donations even after his election defeat to Democrat Joe Biden. The Trump team stated that their goal was to fight against election fraud by the Democrats and to stop the “radical left”.

According to a report in the New York Times, Trump managed to collect more than $ 200 million from his supporters in the month after the November 3rd election alone. It was only after the unrest at the Capitol that Trump gave up his opposition to a handover to Biden. The Trump team has usually sent several emails and text messages per day in the past few months. Twitter had Trump’s account @realDonaldTrump with more than 88 million followers permanently blocked on Friday evening. Biden will be sworn in on January 20th.

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