Last couple vacation for two ?: Emily Ratajkowski enjoys “Babymoon”

Last couple vacation for two ?: Emily Ratajkowski enjoys “Babymoon”

Emily Ratajkowski and her husband spent their “honeymoon” in the Utah desert. That is where the two have now apparently ended up again for their “Babymoon”. The couple is spending what may be their last vacation for two in a luxury resort.

Emily Ratajkowski likes to show a lot of bare skin on her Instagram profile. Your pregnancy doesn’t change that – on the contrary. The model posts photos of her bare baby bump and sparsely covered breasts at regular intervals. So also in her latest entries. The only thing that is different than usual is the location.

Because instead of taking pictures of themselves at a photo shoot or in bed at home in Los Angeles, as usual, Ratajkowski and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClaard, took a short break in the desert. It could be their last outing for two before their baby is born.

The 28-year-old lets her fans take part in her “Babymoon”, as she calls the vacation on Instagram, with numerous photos. In the pictures, the designer can be seen, among other things, leaning against the wall of a house in a lilac fishnet top and brown sweatpants. In one post she reads a book in white sweatpants, a white sports bra and a straw hat on her head and soaks up some sun.

Judging by the pictures, the property is a luxury resort from which you can watch incredible sunrises and sunsets. There the couple relaxes over a delicious breakfast with eggs, yogurt and croissants as well as by the fireplace and on a large couch outdoors. The huge terrace is connected to the living area of ​​the two.

Ratajkowski does not reveal where exactly the couple is. She just calls it a “very special place” on Instagram. However, in March 2018, she posted pictures from her honeymoon with the same view. According to the Daily Mail, they spent their “honeymoon” in the five-star resort Amangiri in Utah. A night in the hotel costs about $ 5,000. Spending her “babymoon” there could actually be something very special for her.

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