Lavrov: the date of the return of the Russian ambassador to Washington has not been determined


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that relations with the United States and its allies had “hit rock bottom” and that no date had been set for sending the Russian ambassador back to Washington.

Russia recalled its ambassador to Moscow after US President Joe Biden gave an affirmative answer to a question about whether he considered Russian President Vladimir Putin the “killer”.

Touching on the topic in an interview Thursday, Lavrov called Biden’s remarks “outrageous” and said they forced Moscow to reconsider its ties with Washington.

“The confrontation has hit rock bottom,” he said. “On the other hand, deep down there is a hope that all people are adults and understand the risks that are associated with escalating further tension … I still believe that prudence will prevail.”

Lavrov said that the timing of the return of Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to Washington depends on Putin.

State Department spokesman Ned Price sounded more optimistic, expressing the hope that the US and Russia would still be able to find “areas of tactical alignment.”

“I am aware of the comments of the Russian Foreign Minister. I also know the background against which they sounded, and this is what is important for us – why our bilateral relations with Russia look exactly like this, ”Price said.

“It remains true that we continue to strive for a stable and predictable relationship with Russia. The fact that we have these deep disagreements, and that the relationship now looks exactly like that, does not mean that there will be no areas of tactical alignment, ”said a spokesman for the State Department.

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