Lawsuit by German lawyers is a “stupid step”

Lawsuit by German lawyers is a “stupid step”

Four lawyers from Germany have filed a lawsuit against Alexander Lukashenko on behalf of victims of torture. The President of Belarus thinks little of it and makes a bellicose allusion.

The ruler of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, considers the charges against him by German lawyers to be a “stupid move”. The ads deal with violence against demonstrators during protests in Belarus.

“Who are they that they want to condemn me?” Said the head of state on Friday in Minsk, according to the presidential office. “These are the descendants of the generation that unleashed this war.” He was alluding to the role of Hitler Germany in World War II. On Wednesday, four lawyers filed a complaint with the Attorney General in Karlsruhe on behalf of victims of torture in Belarus.

Police violence in Belarus

The background to this is the police violence during protests in Belarus after the presidential election last August. The month-long demonstrations resulted in tens of thousands arrests, hundreds injured and several dead. The EU and USA had therefore imposed sanctions. According to the will of those affected, German authorities are now to investigate Lukashenko for crimes against humanity.

The so-called world law principle makes it possible to prosecute international law crimes committed by foreigners in other countries in Germany as well. Lukashenko called the lawsuit a “short-sighted policy” and extensively mentioned the atrocities during the World War. Lukashenko did not explain why he made this comparison in connection with the complaint against him. On this Sunday Belarus is commemorating the end of the Second World War 76 years ago.

After the presidential election, which was widely regarded as falsified, hundreds of thousands of people protested against long-term ruler Lukashenko. He was confirmed with 80.1 percent of the vote for a sixth term of office by the electoral commission.

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