Legal Committee names constitutional grounds for impeachment of president

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The committee has issued an updated version of the guide for lawmakers on the grounds sufficient to remove the president from power

The Legal Committee of the House of Representatives published a report on Saturday entitled “Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment.” The report contains the history, objectives and significance of the constitutional article on impeachment of the president.

The document addresses legal issues regarding the impeachment process as a whole and refutes false allegations of impeachment. The first such report was issued by members of the Legal Committee in 1974, during an investigation into impeachment of President Richard Nixon. The next time an updated report came out in 1998, when an investigation was being conducted in the House of Representatives about a possible impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Although the above reports remain an important source of information, they no longer reflect all relevant data available to lawmakers and lawyers regarding the impeachment process, the Legal Committee said.

“The worst nightmare of the founding fathers [USA] is what we are facing right now. President Trump abused his power, betrayed our national security, and harmed our elections for personal gain. The Constitution provides only one measure to combat such actions: impeachment. The security … of our people, our democracy and future generations will not be guaranteed if we do not solve this problem. No one in America is above the law, not even the president, ”said a statement by Jerry Nadler, chairman of the Legal Committee.

The authors of the report call impeachment “the final constitutional response to the president, who mistakenly takes himself for the monarch.”

“Where the president seriously abuses power, betrays national interests through foreign interference, or corrupts his cabinet or elections – he will undoubtedly commit“ serious crimes and misconduct, ”as the founding fathers understood them. Any of these violations of public confidence is enough to declare impeachment, ”the authors of the report say.

The full version of the report can be found on the website of the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives.

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