Lennox Lewis – on the show fight between Jones and Tyson: “Roy is fast and he is not going to miss punches”


Many fans believe that former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will try to knock out Roy Jones in an exhibition fight on November 28. Former Iron Mike challenger Lennox Lewis is confident that this will be an easy task given Jones’ significant speed advantage.

“You have to remember who Jones is. When Roy was still competing, he was one of the fastest fighters. Jones moves around the ring, he will not be an easy target. Jones fought with me at the same Olympics. He fought there before my fight. , his Korean opponent didn’t want to leave the ring, so I had to wait, so I have known him since then.

I know Jones is fast and he is not going to miss punches. I’m sure the ring will be big. So if Tyson doesn’t catch up, we’ll see a good fight, “Lennox Lewis said in an interview with BT Sport Boxing YouTube.

We will remind, Lewis also said that if Jones hit Tyson, then he can forget about the exhibition nature of their fight.

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