Leonard Ellerby: “Putting Lomachenko on Mayweather’s level is the funniest assessment that could be made”


Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerby sees nothing in Vasily Lomachenko that could make him look after him in the ring with a drooping jaw and believes that people should not draw parallels between Lomachenko and Mayweather.

“Yes, his defeat came as a surprise to me,” Ellerby comments on the Lomachenko-Lopez fight. – But I thought that Lomachenko would win. As if, nothing special about it. I agree, he is a good fighter, but I did not see anything unreal in the ring from him, nothing that would make me admire. Lomachenko is a good fighter. I don’t know what else you want to hear from me. Once again, he is a solid boxer, there are no questions, but there is nothing surprising in him. Nothing special. A young, strong fighter and that’s it.

A great fighter, no doubt … And people still tried to put him on the level of Mayweather, and this is generally the funniest assessment that could only be made. It is, in fact, generally offensive to Mayweather. “

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