Lev Parnas refused one of the lawyers due to inability to pay both


Partner Giuliani accused of campaign finance laws

One of the attorneys for business partner Rudi Giuliani, Lev Parnassus, accused of violating campaign finance laws, asked for a challenge on the basis that Parnassus did not have the means to pay both attorneys, court documents filed on December 24 said.

“Since I took up this case, Mr. Parnassus’s ability to pay for his defense seems to have declined,” said lawyer Edward MacMahon.

“In this regard, it would be very difficult for Mr. Parnassus to continue to use the services of two lawyers in this case,” added MacMahon, noting that the client agrees to his challenge.

As follows from the documents, the interests of Parnassus will continue to be represented by his second defense attorney, New York criminal law specialist Joseph Bondi.

Parnassus, who was born in Ukraine and has American citizenship, is accused of illegally transferring funds to a political committee supporting Trump, and several other politicians. Along with him, charges were brought against a native of Belarus Igor Fruman. Both plead not guilty.

According to Giuliani, Parnassus and Fruman helped him inquire about Trump rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who served on the board of directors of a Ukrainian energy company.

Bondi tweeted that the decision to dismiss McMahon was made in the interests of the lawyer and his client: “The legal strategy has not changed, and Mr. Parnassus is still determined to submit his materials and testimony to Congress.”

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