Liaison with German over ?: Brad Pitt is walking on free feet again

Liaison with German over ?: Brad Pitt is walking on free feet again

This affair apparently only lasted one summer. Because allegedly Brad Pitt’s liaison with the German model Nicole Poturalski is over again. However, it should never have been anything really serious between the two anyway.

Winter is approaching, it’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter. In order to survive the next time, Brad Pitt must think warmly himself. Because the fire of love for the German model Nicole Poturalski has allegedly turned out to be a flash in the pan and has already gone out after only a few weeks.

At least that’s what the US portal “Page Six” reports. It cites an insider who is not named. According to the informant, the liaison is “completely over”, reports the website belonging to the “New York Post”. The love-out was a long time ago. “It was never as serious as it was portrayed anyway,” says the source, “Page Six” continues.

According to information from the portal, Pitt is currently in Los Angeles. In fact, he last made public appearances by setting music to a campaign spot for Donald Trump’s challenger Joe Biden in the US presidential election on Tuesday.

Jolie not delighted

The first reports of a mess between Pitts and the Germans appeared at the end of August. The 56-year-old Hollywood star was spotted with Poturalski in France. It is here that the two of them are said to have made a detour to Château Miraval.

Pitt and his ex Angelina Jolie had once acquired the winery in Provence. Here the two of them also said yes in a romantic ceremony. Accordingly, Jolie is said to have been anything but delighted when she found out about her ex-husband’s trip to the property with the fashion.

If the reports about Pitt’s separation from Poturalski are confirmed, Jolie can lean back and relax. However, she probably doesn’t have anyone at the moment to warm herself to in the coming winter months.

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