Liam Hemsworth was suspected of having a PR affair with a girl

Liam Hemsworth was suspected of having a PR affair with a girl

Fans came to this conclusion when they saw fresh photos of the actor with his girlfriend.

The ex-husband of Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth was suspected of a PR novel after the appearance of new photos with his chosen one – model Gabriella Brooks. After the divorce from the singer, Hemsworth did not grieve for long, which cannot be said about Cyrus herself. The singer now and then recalls those relationships, and recently even confessed to Hemsworth in love.

The other day, the paparazzi caught Liam and Gabriella leaving the store with a box of the “most valuable” – household goods. The lovers kept a little apart and looked very sad.

“It is as if there are no feelings between them”, “The most strange and unlike a couple of couple. He could find himself better than this teenage girl ”,“ So who did he trade Cyrus for? ”,“ Guys, you are talking nonsense! Gabriella looks just fine, not like your eccentric Miley “,” Something doesn’t look like he loves and protects her, “they wrote.

Photo source: Legion-media

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