Liam Neeson told how he was “overcome” by schoolchildren


Liam Neeson admitted that the students were smarter than him.

British actor Liam Neeson took part in the popular late-night talk show “The Very Late Show with James Corden”. As an action star and defeating hundreds of opponents, Neeson confessed that he was overpowered by a regular middle school student. On the air of the show, Liam stated that he worked as a teacher before trying his hand at acting. But the future Hollywood star immediately realized that he was not able to cope with his students.

“I taught with 11-12-year-old schoolchildren, and they managed to get me around,” said the actor. “I was just unable to control them or teach them anything. And this is not because they were somehow wild or uncontrollable, but because they were smarter than me. Street education was stronger than me. ” The Passenger star admitted that by the end of his first day at work, he felt completely exhausted. And despite the fact that both of his sisters made successful careers as teachers, he did not inherit the teaching gene and failed miserably in this field.

68-year-old Liam Neeson has long walked to acting fame. Neeson’s finest hour struck in 1993, when he starred as Oskar Schindler in Steven Spielberg’s drama of the same name. For this role, the actor was nominated for the prestigious Academy Award, and the role of the Jedi Knight in the legendary Star Wars saga brought Neeson the Saturn Award.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Alla Karfidova

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