“Like Bieber in 2009”


Fans did not expect such a transformation from the artist.

Musician and producer Drake posted a snapshot with an unusual hairstyle on his Instagram account, which discouraged fans. In the photo, the musician appeared with short blond hair and long bangs, and on the left temple you can see the outline of a heart highlighted with paint. The musician deleted the published photo almost immediately, but the fans managed to save the photo.

This hairstyle is strikingly different from the usual Drake haircut. The fact is that he has curly and black hair, but here it is several tones lighter and has a completely different structure.

Netizens were very surprised by the unusual image that they decided to make fun of. So, on Twitter, they already joked that Drake ruined 2021 with his hairstyle, while others began to compare the musician with other artists.

“Like Bieber in 2009,” say netizens.

Drake sparked a heated debate about his new hairstyle:

Whether the photo was an accident or whether the musician really decided to change the image remains a mystery. Many fans have even suggested that Drake himself did not post the photo and this is a prank.

As a reminder, this isn’t the first time Drake has been the victim of online ridicule. Previously, users ridiculed him because of the abundance of tattoos: in their opinion, Drake became an illustration of bad body painting. The musician also got it because of the too luxurious house.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Andrey Chapygin

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