Like in Hollywood: US police blow up car laser ring

Like in Hollywood: US police blow up car laser ring

Like in Hollywood

US police blow up car laser ring

The location encourages the district administrator to make a plastic comparison: As in the film “The Fast and The Furious”, the situation in his district is. Hundreds of high-end sports cars competed regularly on the coronal streets. Now the officers are taking action – after undercover investigations.

Police arrested twelve men after illegal street races with hundreds of sophisticated sports cars east of New York. The competitions in the Suffolk district on Long Island were reminiscent of the film series “The Fast and The Furious,” said District Administrator Steven Bellone. “Illegal races belong in Hollywood,” continued Bellone, “not on the public streets of Suffolk.”

According to the local police chief Geraldine Hart, the investigators came to the drivers after a “month-long undercover operation” on the trail. The races were mostly organized spontaneously via social media. According to Hart, since October around 200 souped-up cars have been racing in a total of nine competitions in various industrial areas.

The police have now confiscated ten “high-end sports cars”. In the illegal races, many cars were traveling at more than 160 kilometers per hour, according to Hart. The drivers have taken advantage of the fact that there is currently less traffic than usual on the roads of Long Island due to the corona restrictions. Still, Hart described the races as “extremely ruthless”. After all, in industrial areas, she said, many people still drive to work every day.

The phenomenon of the corona races is not limited to the USA. Already in March during the first partial lockdown, the ADAC reacted with incomprehension to the new cases of frenzy. “Obviously, the quiet traffic situation is sometimes being misused for frenzy – that is unacceptable and in no way understandable,” ADAC traffic president Gerhard Hillebrand told the newspapers of the Funke media group.

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