Linares: “You don’t need to compare me to Gamboa”

Linares: “You don’t need to compare me to Gamboa”

Former three-weight champion Jorge Linares, who is preparing to compete today against WBC lightweight title holder (61.2 kg) Davin Haney, considers it inappropriate to compare him with the American’s latest rival, Cuban Yuriorkis Gamboa.

“This is a big step forward for Davin. And I don’t think Gamboa was competitive at this stage. Everything has changed, and Gamboa is now close to retirement. And despite this, he gave Haney trouble. I’m still in the ranks. And I feel great. Therefore, you cannot compare Gamboa with me, there is still a lot left of me.

Haney doesn’t like being pressured and doesn’t like being cut off from the ring. And he is very much afraid of being hit. Gamboa was experienced enough to try and pinch him. I am much better on my feet and I can hit, ”said the veteran.

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