Lingerie, pajamas and loungewear: Kim Kardashian designs for the Olympic team

Lingerie, pajamas and loungewear: Kim Kardashian designs for the Olympic team

Lingerie, pajamas and loungewear

Kim Kardashian designs for Olympic team

Kim Kardashian is always on the go. The 40-year-old celebrates worldwide success, especially with her underwear label SKIMS. Now she was able to land a special order for this. SKIMS supplies the official underwear for the USA Olympic team.

Kim Kardashian certainly can’t complain about boredom. Although her plan to become a lawyer has been put on hold after failing her exam, the 40-year-old has enough other things to take care of. In addition to her make-up company KKW Beauty, this is also her underwear brand SKIMS, for example.

For the label, which specializes primarily in shapewear, Kim Kardashian has now been able to win a customer of whom she is particularly proud: the USA Olympic team. The entrepreneur reveals this on her Instagram account. “When I got the call inviting SKIMS to be part of Team USA, it came full circle at every moment I spent admiring the strength and energy of the Olympians from the sidelines,” she wrote to several Photos showing a selection of clothes. The Olympic collection includes underwear, pajamas and loungewear.

Special love for Olympia

Kim Kardashian has a special relationship with the competition because her stepfather Bruce Jenner – who now lives as Caitlyn Jenner after a sex change – won the gold medal as a decathlete at the 1976 Montreal Games. “I’ve heard every single detail about the Olympics from my stepfather since I was ten years old,” Kardashian said in the text. At that time, she traveled with her family to different cities to watch Bruce Jenner’s competitions. “And at every stop I bought an Olympic T-shirt as a souvenir.”

For sentimental reasons alone, Kim Kardashian is unlikely to have made this deal. She could have got ten million dollars for it, estimates Goldie Schon, a lawyer from Hollywood, as “The Sun” reports. According to the US business magazine “Forbes”, Kardashian’s total fortune recently rose to one billion dollars.

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