“Little prayer said”: plane carrying US Vice Harris returns

“Little prayer said”: plane carrying US Vice Harris returns

“Little prayer said”

Plane with US Vice Harris turns back

US Vice President Kamala Harris’s government aircraft is just taking off when the occupants hear a strange noise. A little later the machine has to turn around. Kamala Harris’s words after the incident are a relief.

At the start of Kamala Harris’ first trip abroad as US Vice President, a technical problem with the aircraft caused delays. Less than half an hour after taking off from Andrews Air Base near Washington on Sunday, spokeswoman Symone Sanders said the government plane would have to return to the airport and change the plane that would take Harris and fellow travelers to Guatemala City.

Accompanying journalists reported an unusual noise during take-off, but the landing was “completely normal”. Back on the ground, the vice president told reporters, “We’ve all said a little prayer, but we’re fine.”

On Monday and Tuesday, Harris’ trip to Guatemala and Mexico will focus on migration and economic cooperation. US President Joe Biden has tasked Harris with taking the lead in curbing migration to the US.

The reversal of the aircraft is reminiscent of various breakdowns by the German government aircraft. Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a serious breakdown at the end of 2018 when she was on the way to the G20 summit in Argentina with the government plane “Konrad Adenauer”. A defective component – a central switching unit of the on-board electronics – paralyzed two radio systems that are supposed to replace each other in an emergency. The plane that took off in Berlin had to turn back and was directed to Cologne / Bonn Airport.

After a four-month general overhaul of the government aircraft, the first business flight in April 2019 broke down again. After a nine-hour flight from Berlin to New York with Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on board, a tire burst on landing so that the Airbus A340 could not come into the parking position on its own. For some time, however, the German government aircraft have remained inconspicuous.

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