Lobov – about the status of an outsider in the fight with Berinchik: “With Malignaggi, I was also an underdog, and what happened?”


The fighter of the BKFC promotion Artem Lobov is not worried about the fact that bookmakers consider him an outsider in a potential fight with Denis Berinchik. According to Lobov, he was already in a similar situation before the fight with Paul Malignaggi, but then this did not stop him from celebrating the victory.

“With Polly Malignaggi I was also an underdog, and 2: 1, and what happened? Polly achieved more in professional boxing than Berinchik, he weighs more. I trained a lot of boxing, besides there was a knee injury, I had an operation in December. I couldn’t fight at all, everything worked in a standing position. I added very strongly.

I must also say that bookmakers are not a real situation, but numbers that contain emotions. And emotional numbers are never accurate. An example of this is the fight between Anthony Joshua and this plump little (Andy Ruiz – approx.). The ratio on it was 12: 1, and what happened? He knocked out Joshua. And where is their coefficient? Therefore, I do not pay attention to this, “- said Artem Lobov in an interview with the resource” Big Kush “.

We will remind, Lobov also said that he and Berinchik will arrange a vivid duel.

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